Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And we're back

I have no idea what happened.  The email account that was used to create this blog was listed among the 1.3 million accounts taken from Gawker hack on Sunday.  While my account password was not there, I did get  locked out of Gmail because of suspicious activity, likely thousands of failed login attempts from all over the world.  I assume this blog was taken down for the same reason. This  was annoying but could have been much worse, I could have been stupid and used the same password for my Gawker account and my email account.

The Gawker hack is one more reminder of  why trusting some third party with your Gmail, Facebook  or corporate login is a bad idea. While push messages are really nice, are you sure that the database that has your username and password is secure?  Do you trust the company making your IM client with all of that info?

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