Sunday, February 27, 2011

2.0.3 Final Change Log

2.0.3 is a major update that improves the application significantly. It is now feature complete and is being beta tested. This is the final change log. It's scheduled to be released early March.

1. Proper multi tasking. It will run in the background
forever until you logout or close the app. No more 10 minute limit.
2. Manually set XMPP priority
3. Shows offline contacts
4. Added gtalk extensions for google apps
5. fixed an issue with Digest-Md5 servers and connectivity
6. Fixed a bug with some non english messages not arriving
7. improved auto recovery in the event of a network error
8. when swiping to close an active chat it says "close" instead of delete. When clearing a chat log it says "clear" and not delete
9. improved UI for adding new contact
10. shows a badge with a count of messages received
11. status is not overwritten when setting away


  1. Does Monal only work over VPN? I am trying to get it to work using Openfire Server located inside our newtork and opening a port in the firewall. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. yes it does work over VPN.


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