Saturday, March 26, 2011


Monal is a free chat program for iPhone and iPad. The official site has moved to

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monal 2.0.3 Submitted

Monal 2.0.3 has been submitted to the app store.  Below is the slightly changed final change log.   Along with 2.0.3 I am launching the new Monal site  found at .  The new site is designed to be more descriptive for new users, allow for better social media integration and bug tracking. In addition I have started to build a detailed and illustrated  help section. The first post explains  how to use group chat

Followers of this development blog should go to the new one

Monal 2.0.3 changelog:

1. Proper multi tasking. It will run in the background
until you logout or close the app. No more 10 minute limit.
2. Manually set XMPP priority
3. Shows offline contacts
4. Added gtalk extensions for google apps
5. fixed an issue with Digest-Md5 servers and connectivity
6. Fixed a bug with some non english messages not arriving
7. improved auto recovery in the event of a network error
8. when swiping to close an active chat it says "close" instead of delete. When clearing a chat log it says "clear" and not delete
9. improved UI for adding new contact
10. shows a badge with a count of messages received on app icon
11. status is not overwritten when setting away
12. fixed misc crashing bugs with the UI
13. new buddy details screen
14  optimized and switched from GCC to LLVM+Clang compiler
15. Added Multi user chat (MUC) menus.
16. Removed browser tab from iPad UI

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This blog is closing

This blog is closing. I have decided to upgrade to a proper site to better meet the needs of the massive global user base that Monal has garnered. Certain things such as help pages and bug tracking systems have become necessary. The new site is a massive improvement and will launch with the release of Monal 2.0.3. I will make one more post here later this week with a link to the new site.

Oh one more thing, you can now actively join as many groups as you like on any server that supports it (Monal will discover the service)