Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Change log for 1.05

These are the changes in 1.05. This will be the final 3.x release. This should show up in iTunes soon.  I have already started programming for the multi tasking in 4.x . The next release will be a huge update and will drop as soon as 4.0 is released.

1.05 changelog

1. fixed all bugs from crash logs, made some speed improvements
2. removed the confusing chat logs window edit button
3. fixed bug where names of users signing in sometimes showed up in other chats
4. opening conversation shows last 10 not 20 messages (faster load)
5. the input box now allows multiple line input and expands when tapped on
6. input box does not delete unsent messages  when tapping outside of the box
7. Graphical  emoticons in chat
8. added a basic  iPad interface
9. Added button to quickly clear all conversation logs

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