Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1.06 bugs, IPad and 1.061

1.06 with multi tasking is on the itunes store. I made a mistake with the compile process and 1.06  will crash on immediately on iPads since they still run OS3. I have pushed out  1.061 which fixes this issue for iPad users.

Use the comments on this post to tell me about problems you have experienced anything else you might need to ask/tell me.


  1. Hi

    Yesterday I tried the latest Monal on my iPhone 3G which is running iOS 4 GM. I don't get a connection to my company's Jabber server (Open Fire as far as I know).

    I tried with and without SSL, port 5222 and 5223, but nothing worked.

    Please, do you know something about this problem?


  2. Version for iPad 1.061, when will It be available? Just downloaded from app store and got the 1.06 that crashes.

  3. I am trying to run Monal that I just installed on my 3Gs (updated to iOS 4). I have signed in to GTalk, and as soon as my contact list loads the app crashes and exits.

  4. I have pushed out the ipad fix. I twill be in the store as soon as apple approves (probably in a couple of days).

    Julia, if you sync with itunes, i should see the crash report soon. i will try to fix it.

  5. Great potential - it appears stable on my iPhone 4, EXCEPT that the app is NEXT TO USELESS until the idle notifications "feature" is removed. In other words, users don't need to be reminded about inactivity all the time. The constant notifications interrupting anything else you may be doing make the app unusable in its present version. I even deleted the IM account and the notifications still kept popping up.

    The app is currently rated 2 stars in the App store and if the developer hopes to salvage all the hard work he's done, I hope he'll fix this bug.

  6. Could you explain why only one account can be enabled at a time? I'm sure there's a good reason, but I'm not clear on what it is.

  7. the idle notification exists because it can only run for 10 min in the background. i assumed people would like to renew it for another 10 min before being logged out. Im adding an option to turn that off.

    gregory, i've set it to enable only one account for battery and CPU usage reasons. Since this is a direct client (unlike others in the store) every account is a new network connection eating up battery and CPU cycles. I plan on enabling multiple in the future since i think iphone 4 can handle it fine.

  8. I just upgraded to iOS 4. The next thing I did was delete monal. Signed onto my jabberd2 served account at 11:00 with battery at 60%. Battery at 15% by 1:00. Repeated the test at 2:30 pm after charging battery. This time I also watched my jabber status from my google talk account on my computer with iPhone untouched on main screen on my desk. Jabber account remained logged in for 1.5 hours with commensurate battery drain. This app needs a logout/offline control. I'll return to take a look later.

  9. будет ли поддержка конференций? а так хорошая прога

  10. Chris, leaving the app running will drain your battery. IM is constantly connected and it uses both the network and the CPU continuously. I am improving the code as much as i can to reduce CPU, memory usage but there is nothing i can do about your network use/battery, its just the nature of the program. This is something android users have been dealing with and also why apple has the restrictions it has on multi tasking.

    you can log out of the account by disabling it in the settings menu. alternatively you can switch out of the app and it will close itself in 10 min. this is done precisely to prevent the situation you encountered.

  11. Chris, I have worked a lot on reducing the CPU and battery utilization in the most recent release. I have run it for hours without taking a hit on battery life.


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