Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More updates

I've been overhauling the system to make it faster and more stable. It is noticeably better now.  This is the current change log

1. Stops crash on load on iphone 3g.
2. faster start up and much more efficient login code (3-4x faster)
3. fixed  bug where chat input box was disabled after viewing logs
4. urls in chat are detected and can be tapped to bring up safari
5. Added a logoff button for easy logoff without closing app
6. contacts listed in alphabetical order, own username not shown
7. support for xmpp tunes, option to set status as currently playing ipod song


  1. Anu- Could you comment on this app-store reviewers thoughts?
    Have you considered making this change to the settings screen?

    ----- App store review by C S Hilton --------
    Monal requires you to know a 6 tuple (username, xmpp domain, password, xmpp host, port, and Use SSL (Y/N)) of information to connect.

    Modern XMPP clients should only ask for JID and Password.

    The JID tells you xmpp domain and DNS resolution can be used to determine xmpp host and port. SSL negotiation is done automatically through TLS at session startup.

    If any of the automatic steps fail you can have the user fill in the required information via an advanced tab which can show also harbor the Use SSL switch.

    The added advantage here is that it has users deal with their JID which will be unique in XMPP space as compared to their username which most likely won't.

  2. Hi,
    I am using a jabber account from an ichat server.
    I would like to know when will Monal supports voice chat and conference?

  3. Hi james,
    thanks for pointing that out to me. I have noticed other clients (Adium, gaim etc) use JID now. I will correct that in the next release.

  4. Thanks Anu.
    Using JabberID will make it much easier to understand the settings I think.

  5. I'm glad you let me know. I can't think of everything so constructive criticism is always very useful. You can see the new account screen on this post


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