Sunday, September 12, 2010

1.07 changelog so far

Development and testing on 1.07 is almost complete. This is the near final changelog. The one more addition to this will be multi user chat support.

1. Stops crash on load on iphone 3g.
2. faster start up and much more efficient login code (3-4x faster)
3. fixed  bug where chat input box was disabled after viewing logs
4. urls in chat are detected and can be tapped to bring up safari when there is multi tasking or in app when there isn't.
5. Added a logoff button for easy logoff without closing app
6. contacts listed in alphabetical order, own username not shown
7. support for xmpp tunes, option to set status as currently playing ipod song
8. New ipad UI autorotates to all orientations, supports landscape
9. new lighter, faster and more accurate XMPP parsing engine
10. xmpp uses JID for setup
11. UI improvements for consistency
12. new sliding notification when a message is received or  song changes
13. status updates are immediately seen
14. added a simple web browser for non multi tasking OSes
15. Icons update correctly when buddy changes it
16. added an active chats tab to access current conversations easily

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