Sunday, November 28, 2010

2.0.2 changelog

This is a bug fix update that addresses issues users have raised.  I have tried to have one release roughly every month, there will be no January release.  Unless there is a major issue in this release the next release will be in February.

1. fixed a bug where some people might not show up as online sometimes
2. fixed bug where away was not working
3. added status orbs
4. fixed bug adding accounts
5. several ipad ui improvements
6. SECURITY: fixed possible XSS attack
7. active chats count update properly
8. Misc connectivity bugfixes


  1. Hi. Program doesn't show polish symbols. When I write a msg with polish symbols like ą ż ź ę etc program automatically changes msg to be without them. But when someone writes with polish symbols program doesn't show msg at all. Only msgs without them. It's while using google chat.

    Best regards!

  2. I found out about this too late to fix it in this release, if it is a quick fix I'll try to push one out with a fix for this.

  3. The feedback when tapping the "Logout" button isn't very obvious. Further, the Reconnect and Logout buttons are mutually exclusive; at any time only one makes sense. I suggest combining them into a single button that reads "Logout" when connected to a server and "Reconnect" when not connected.

    AOL's AIM app uses this behavior with it's Sign In/Sign Out button.

  4. I would like it to stay connected while in multi-tasking mode so I can get messages while on other screens or if the phone is at idle so I don't mis my messages. Other than that I love this thing.

  5. It does keep you connected while you are multi tasking and it send your notifications when you have messages.

  6. i cannot connect my accounts to my openfire server because my account names have spaces like "firstname lastname@domain"

    it looks like this is resolved by using \20 for spaces like firstname\20lastname@domain

    unfortunately, it seems like the Monal keyboard does not have a backspace key

    it would be great if you either

    1. accepted usernames with spaces (parse the name and do the \20 behind the scenes for the user)
    2. added the backspace key to the keyboard

  7. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I will fix it.

  8. I decided to be really clever and type my username as an iPhone note, and then copy/paste it into Monal. Thus I was able to login with a username that has a space!

    So now that I'm logged in, I thought I'd mention that it would also be nice if you handled \20 in the contact list: all my contacts have spaces in their usernames too, and this makes for a rather ugly list in Monal. :)


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