Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bugs and Issues

If you are having any problems connecting to servers or have experienced other issues. Post them in the comments below. I am aware of at least one case where someone wasn't able to connect to a jabber server using "old style SSL" i am looking into that. Everything else, comment away.


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  2. I was saying that for me the program doesn't even come up. I get a black screen and after 5 seconds, back to the icons.
    This is with SSL or without.
    I'm VPN'd in my job and trying to connect to a Spark Server. Thanks

  3. Feels very sticky, using SSL to When I tapped on a contact expecting to be able to type a message nothing happens, took me a long time to discover the text input field and > 5 seconds for anything to happen there... and keystrokes accordingly... sloooow.

    I'd say this is unusable

  4. I havent tested with a spark server. I'll do that.

    i am also experiencing the sticky issue. I am trying to get a fix out asap.


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  6. Sorry about the typos...

    I downloaded the app yesterday. Each time I launch it, it pops up a window saying "Missing Username - please set the username in Settings before using SworIM". I assume this is a reference to the "Status" section. The problem is no matter what I try doing, I *cannot* input/edit the Server, Resource & User fields. I see the labels, but no text-input fields to their right. What am I missing here?

  7. Jay,
    Click on they ipod/iphone's Settings icon, scroll down you will see sworim there.

  8. Thanks. Not very obvious. It would help if the popup message was something like "please first set SworIM's connection parameters using iPhone's Preferences [icon]".

    Aside from that, I am unable to connect to my company's OpenFire (XMPP) server. The iPhone is currently on the same LAN via port 2222 (thus no firewall issue). With SSL disabled, the app is stuck with message "Logging In...". When SSL is enabled, it immediately reports "Initiation Error - Could not initiate connection. Make sure settings are correct".

    I've tried numerous combination of specifying and omitting the domain name from the username and from the Domain fields to no avail.

    On Windows and Mac OSX, I've had no problem connecting with the OpenFire server using various clients such as Spark, Pidgin and Adium.


  9. i have an openfire server i've tested this with. I'll poke around a little more to see what is going on. I suspect it might be something to do with the various login methods (i know i dont have code for them all). v1.01 has just been sent to the store for approval. It doesn't address this issue. I'll fix it in 1.02

  10. Thanks. FYI - the OpenFire server version here is 3.6.4. Port 5222 is OpenFire's "standard" port which supports both encrypted and unencrypted connections. As I previously reported, I am unable to connect using it. However, today I successfully connected using the alternate 5223 port with SSL enabled.

    Here are OpenFire's description of these two ports (taken from the main admin page):

    Port 5222 - The standard port for clients to connect to the server. Connections may or may not be encrypted. You can update the security settings for this port.

    Port 5223 - The port used for clients to connect to the server using the old SSL method. The old SSL method is not an XMPP standard method and will be deprecated in the future. You can update the security settings for this port.


    Perhaps this info will be useful with your troubleshooting efforts...

  11. Jay, thanks, thats really useful.

  12. I've just installed your app but unfortunately am unable to get it to work :-(.
    This is on iPhoneOS3.0.

    The server is ejabberd, using a CACert SSL certificate.
    I've installed both CACert certificates on the iPhone using Safari...

    The xmpp server is running on both std ports, 5222 and 5223 (old-style ssl + starttls).

    I've tried the following:
    user: login@jabberserver.tld / login
    server jabberserver.tld
    port: 5222 / 5223
    ssl: on / off

    And all combinations of them. None worked.
    The server works fine though on my computer, using both SSL and StartTLS (5222, 5223).

    I'd be glad to help debug this if you need any help :-)

    Thanks for your effort !

  13. simon I have used it with ejabberd (on with SSL,
    username just the part before @
    domain part after @
    port 5223

  14. @Anu I've tried that too.
    The difference between and the server I am using probably is that the former uses some official SSL certificate whereas the one I'm using is using one from CACert.

    Hence I suspect the problem to be that SSL warnings/errors on connection are not for example "self signed ssl certificate" error.

  15. Hi.

    I'm having problems connecting to a jabberd server running on Debian etch using version 1.0 of your program. I'm connecting to port 5222 with SSL off.

  16. Hi,

    I am also having problems with a work Jabber server that I can connect to using Adium when "Old style SSL" is checked. Thanks so much for this app.

  17. My initial development was geared more towards getting google talk to work (it was my motivation for writing this). I am testing more with other jabber servers to make sure they work. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  18. Like the app a lot. It has a ways to go for sure but I is very nice start. I will go give it a 3 star rating in iTunes store right now. I have been using IM+ lately but I will not tolerate them proxying all connections! Not to mention that they are violating the RFCs.

    One bug in sworim is that if a person on your roster is too long to fit on the width of the screen, it truncates it in odd ways.......snips it off, changes the letters to the number 1, changes the letters to other letters.

    It can at times be a little sluggish (but it does finally get there)

    it is working with our openfire server well.


  19. I love that someone's trying to write an app that connects directly to IM servers without being proxied. Unfortunately I can not get this app to work. It freezes then exits within a couple of seconds of connecting to GTalk. This happens on both WiFi and 3G. I have a 3GS running 3.01.

    This seems very similar to the issue posted about by Tanuj Malhotra on the "Approved" post on this blog.

  20. I tried it on our company Jabber server and could not get it to work. Originally it would get stuck in the "logging in" screen. I then realized that even though I switched "Use SSL" to off in the settings, the Port remained 5223. Anyway, after changing the port to 5222 I can get past the "Logging in" screen but after that, the app hangs and eventually I am booted out.

    Btw, another observation is that in the Status tab of the app, the "Secure" field is turned on even though SSL is off in the settings. Is this correct?

  21. Just as a follow up. I forgot to mention I am using the app on a Touch on our network. No VPN in use as my Touch has certs for the network. The OS is 3.0.

  22. I am also having trouble connecting to an Openfire server. Is there any chance you can provide a guide with what information should go where. I think I got it right but want to make sure.

    The server doesn't have a offical SSL could that be the problem?

  23. I concur that I cannot connect to Openfire 3.6.0 server using either non-SSL or SSL connections. I can see through tcpdump that it connects but the application either gives a connection error or simply closes without any error at all.

  24. I am one of those trying to use this app with Gtalk. Having the same problem, the app freezes at the loaded contacts and exits

    I was wishing some one would write this kind of app where I need not store the password on some weird 3rd party server.

  25. Has anyone been able to get this app working with the Defense Connect Online (DCO) jabber account and servers? I tried all troubleshooting I could manage (different ports, etc) and suspect its the login type. The app hangs on trying to login. I believe DCO needs a secure login type of capability? Anyone know for certain?


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