Saturday, June 20, 2009

v1.01 Sent for approval

Based on the feedback I've gotten for version 1. I've fixed a few things and pushed out v1.01 to the store for approval. I just noticed some people were having login issues. I'll fix it in 1.02. Below is a change log for 1.01. Thanks!

1. removed debug code that got left behind in the 1.0 release build that was causing massive slowdown for some users
2. Status messages update properly on buddylist
3. Fixed bug when loading buddy icons, speeding up scrolling on chats and reduced memory use
4. made the message input box more obvious and visible in a chat view
5. initial prompts ask for missing username explicitly says go to settings program
6. Misc bug fixes


  1. I tried out v1.00, and on the first install, it was very slow. After removing it and reinstalling it, it is faster (still v1.00). Major feature request: support conference/chat rooms! I can't find an iphone app that does, and it would make yours stand out.
    BTW, had no problems logging in against our corporate Openfire server.

  2. support for rooms are next on my todo list actually.

  3. Drew, do you have any tips on how you connected to the corporate Openfire server? We also run Openfire and didn't have success with SworIM right away.

  4. Bob, if you have SSL on your server, try using port 5223 and not 5222

  5. Just found your app, and tried it out. I also use a private SSL Jabber server and a conference room, so this looks promising. However, it fails login. I don't suppose you can post an FAQ on common things to check (easier than a debug console, I'm sure!)

  6. Love the idea of this app' & cant wait to use it. Cant right now as cant login to openFire ( right now with it, but it sounds as if 1.0.1 will be in the store any minute now & I'll try again as soon as it is. As for 20:00 PST it was not yet. It seems to be failing to do plain text auth' against our XMPP daemon. And SSL does not work.

    I wonder if any one knows if it is checking the validity of the cert' we are using? Or that it chains up? Because we are using a cert' with the commonName of "" for our domain issued by caCert. I would hope that that would be OK. I know that Adium on OSX asks to accept it when it first time connects to it but is fine past that. There seems to be no pop-up in sworIM asking to accept it.

    We are looking to migrate our half dozen users off of IM+ (on the iPhone) since that app' unacceptably proxies all traffic through their servers then to our server. We find this dubious, suspicious, it violates the RFC's (since it doesn't warn about using their SSL cert' for our domain), among other things. Great app', great UI, look & feel, but I see no reason whatsoever why they would run all our traffic through their server on its way to ours. We hope to switch to sworIM as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much.

    Jason Sjöbeck

  7. aah the reason it doesnt work is the plain text auth. At the moment it only supports SASL. I have plain text working in test. I wasnt aware it was being used still.

  8. i did manage to get this to log into my openfire server and show a roster but could not get it to do anything else. (for example, chat or receive a chat). I know my cert is self signed but i would've thought that that would deny login not chat.... Anyway I tried out OneTeam and that did work (despite costing $$$) so unfortunately I'm on that one for now...

  9. Hey, team, an update ...

    Again, great little app' with a big future.

    I am just about to switch about a dozen or two users from IM+ to this as soon as we get SSL working.

    To catch up from the posts just previous. Version 1.0.1 does work for me now. We are using openFire server on our centOS 5.3 server, with good luck. Actually, one side note about openFire, if you enable a whole slug of add-in's in to it, it gets a little wonky, but after we pared down our list of add-ins that we wre running, it stablized & we like it very much.

    As for the iPhone running v.1.0.1 of swormIM, here is where we are today. I tested using port 5222 & port 5223 with & without SSL, so basically 4 tests. I also used a username of "username" and then "username@domain.tld" and where it did not work in the former syntax it did work in the latter syntax. So, we are up & running. Sweet. Thanks so much. We are not yet using SSL though. We very much prefer (in fact, I think, require) SSL. We prefer port 5222 with SSL. We are using a certificate from caCert ( for our openFire server which comes in the syntax of "domain.tld" (not the more typical format for the commonName of "". This is the way that openFire advises we do it so that is what we did. I do not know what checks of the cert' that sworIM is doing, maybe some, not many, and not all, because I know my iPhone 3gs does not have the caCert root cert' installed. Or then again, maybe that is the issue, maybe it is checking the FQDN from public DNS against the commonName embedded in the cert' & that's why it fails. There is no output to the LCD when this happens specifically regarding the cert'. It just fails to connect but we dont know why. I even watched the "console" of the iPhone from the "iPhone Configuration Utility v.2.0" and I did not see any information about the cert' while it was failing. When I watch 'tcpdump' or 'tethereal' from the server, I do see that it is transferring the cert' to the phone but (either because I'm not expert at reading tcpdump output of this kind or otherwise) I am not spotting the error or the issue of why it does not continue after it has passed the cert'.

    Thank you so much. Keep up the great work. Cant wait to see 1.0.2.


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