Saturday, July 31, 2010

1.062 is in the store

Use this thread to tell me about any issues you may have, questions or comments. I use this feed back to improve subsequent releases. Thanks.


  1. Hello,

    any chance that this app would run on iOS 3.1.2? I'm stuck with that iOS version on my iPod touch 2nd gen.

    Best regards,

  2. it runs on 3.1.3 and above.

  3. THIS REVIEW from the App store has identified the #1 problem with this software .... Have you considered re-building the "account setup" screen to solve this problem?

    ----- App store review by C S Hilton --------
    Monal requires you to know a 6 tuple (username, xmpp domain, password, xmpp host, port, and Use SSL (Y/N)) of information to connect. Modern XMPP clients should ask for JID and Password. The JID tells you xmpp domain and DNS resolution can be used to determine xmpp host and port. SSL negotiation is done automatically through TLS at session startup. If any of the automatic steps fail you can have the user fill in the required information via an advanced tab which can show also harbor the Use SSL switch. The added advantage here is that it has users deal with their JID which will be unique in XMPP space as compared to their username which most likely won't.


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