Friday, July 23, 2010

1.062 pushed out

Because I have been too busy to complete all the features I planned on having in 1.07, I have pushed out 1.062 with many of the bug fixes and user recommendations.  It should be in the app store in a few days. this is the final change log:

1. removed unnecessaty XMPP commands (chatstates, pings) to reduce CPU/battery load
2. xmpp keep alive increased to 4 minutes to reduce network/battery usage
3. fixed bug where there was no vibration or ring when messages arrived
4. made the idle logout notification only if an account is active
5. background idle logout notification may be turned off
6. fixed bug where disabling the account didn't disconnect it
7. chat log: no duplicate names, names sorted in alphabetical order, own username no longer shown


  1. Do you have a list of features supported today and planned for the near future? For example multiple-user chats (xep-045) isnsomething I'm definitely looking for as is image sharing (xep-0065)...

  2. I am working on both features. Neither are good enough to put in a product yet, unfortunately. I cant say when they will since I work on this when I have time. It all depends on how busy real life keeps me.


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