Monday, July 20, 2009

FAQ for v 1.01

Does this work with ipod touch.

Yes. As long as you have an internet connection.

Where are the settings?

Settings are currently in the iphone/ipod setting application. Look for the sworim icon.

What authentication is supported right now?

Currently, it supports only SASL Plain. I am adding SASL MD5 and Plain text in the next release.

I am having SSL connection issues.

Try setting it to port 5223 instead of 5222 and see if that helps. Make sure your server uses SASL plain authentication or it will not be able to log in

Does it need iphone os3?
While it doesnt technically at the moment, there are database hooks (Core Data) that i want to use that isn't available in 2.0 and it will be 3.0 exclusive in the future. I will try to compile the next release with the 2.0 SDK and release that if it works.

What servers does it work with?

1.02 has been the most heavily tested with google talk. I have also connected to's ejabberd server and the latest openfire server. I am currently heavily testing with openfire.


  1. Hi - any ETA for SSL/TLS support?

  2. I am trying to get a whole set of bug fixes and features out in the next point release. I am improving the SSL support right now. I can't say when the next release will be. Probably sometime in late August.

  3. Will there ever be OS3 Push Notifications for Google Talk, or that's not technically possible?

  4. Hi.. Thanks for all your work. Any ETA for 1.02?

  5. Yep push would be great! Any chance to implement it?

  6. Hi, First, THNK you for developing this app! I originally had planned on using this at work, but decided it was probably better not to. I then decided to go back to the original settgins and use it for gmail chat... I cannot find the default settings...Am I missing them? Thanks again!

  7. Hi. Thanks for developing this app. However it appears to crash right after logining into our OpenFire 3.6.4 server, where we have over 270 users split into 30 groups. The crash takes returns user to the list of apps where the SworIM icon is located

  8. Hello. First thanks for developing this app. Is there any chances to implement XEP-0095? Could help with coding or donation. It would be just great for iPhone community of

  9. I'd like to IM with users at work over the vpn on my iPhone but I cannot get the SworIM client to connect. I configured the SworIM client as closely to my laptop client as I could. I've tried setting SSL to both on and off. I can ping the jabber server from my iPhone so my phone can reach it. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions or questions I can ask our of IT folks to try and determine why this isn't working? Thanks.


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