Sunday, January 10, 2010

SworIM 1.02 is coming

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few months. 1.02 is currently being developed. This should be a fairly big update that addresses many of the issues that were raised with 1.01. I am working hard on improving the XMPP protocol underneath in addition to the presentation. In particular, Im trying to improve the compatibility (more servers, more authentication methods) and eliminate crashing bugs. Here is the current change log. This will grow as I have a rather large list of things to fix before the next update, hopefully it will be worth it.

1. Faster click response on buddy list
2. added an arrow to show buddies are clickable in chat log
3. added blue arrows to see expanded status message and other details of buddies in buddylist
4. "away" users are greyed out
5. built with OS 2.2.1 as the base for ipod touch compatibility
6. can delete conversation logs for budddies
7. xmpp protocol handling more efficient
8. new notification engine, much faster loading, more responsive UI and lower CPU usage/better battery life
9. new in application account manager
10. Landscape mode for chats.


  1. hope it will support hope soo much :)

  2. I am assuming is a public server. If you show me how to connect i can test it with the server and make sure it works before release.

  3. Hi Anu, I asked the admin guys about the server and their answer was: standard ejabberd 2.1. If you need to use BOSH this is the url:

    If you need something else just let me know. You can also contact me online to verify anything.

    Also if you want you can register a free account at:

  4. I have tested with with which is ejabberd. That works ok. I'll test it with your server too. Im implementing a small subset of XMPP to keep it quick and light. Testing it with more configurations will help me make sure i get all the basics working.

    the bosh stuff is really useful. I didnt know about that. Thanks.

  5. Any update on when 1.02 is expected? 1.01 crashes shortly after connecting to my work OpenFire server (but works fine with google talk).

  6. the best answer i can give is probably in the next week or so. I am currently debugging and testing it with openfire (it works) as i write this.

  7. Mazhead, i was just able to connect to (one of the servers) and use it with 1.02 . It will work if you use port 5222 and no SSL . Jabbim does support SSL on 5223, but the certificates are self signed it seems and the SSL layer i am using right now doesnt like it. Ejabberd servers work fine even in 1.01 you can probably already connect with the client current in itunes ( i havent checked).

  8. on current version when running 5222 no ssl I can connect, after I see the contacts the app hangs and finally crashes. If you need some crash dumps just let me know, I can get them off the iphone (if created).


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