Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.02 submitted for approval

Monal 1.02 has been submitted to the app store and should be approved in the next few days.   This is the final change log  for this version.  I this is a substantial upgrade and will post a FAQ for this version soon. 

1. Faster click response on buddy list
2. added an arrow to show buddies are clickable in chat log 
3. added blue arrows to see expanded status message and other details of  buddies in buddylist
4. "away"  users are greyed out
5. Away, invisible  and message Settings persistent between sessions
6. can delete conversation logs for budddies
7. xmpp protocol handling more efficient
8. new notification engine,  much faster loading, more responsive UI and lower CPU usage/better battery life
9. new in application account manager
10. Landscape mode for chats. 
11. option to play a sound when a message arrives (iphone only)
12. the entire program does not freeze when loading many buddy icons  the first time
13. Edit button added for buddy list to remove buddies
14. Edit button added to chat history to remove history
15. badge on the tab bar at the bottom will indicate unread messages 
16. offline messages. If the server supports it when  messages are sent while sworim is closed, they will be sent to you when you open
17. Smoother/cleaerer  buddy icon appearance 
18. The new message indicator is in a grey oval like in mail. 
19. copy and paste enabled  in chat windows
20. Reconnects seamlessly when a dropped connection is detected


  1. Can't wait! Were you able to add a button to allow self-signed certs (not verified by a CA) to be accepted for private jabber servers?

  2. At the moment it allows mismatch in server name/ certificate name, but i havent figured out how to get self signed certs working with the SSL library that i use. Since i will be changing that when i support SSL on port 5222, it will hopefully be in a future release.


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