Monday, January 25, 2010

One more thing..

Well, not exactly. This unfortunately doesn't look like it is ready for prime time. One of those features that's so cool  I  really wish I had it ready for the 1.02 release.    OSX users will see the screenshots below and immediately know what it is.  For everyone else, the gist of it is I have support for Adium  message themes.  Adium  is the main IM client on OSX.  All of the message themes you see on the Adium extras page should  now work.   I really like Renkoo and Stockholm.  The screenshots below are of the Stockholm running on the iPhone. This will likely be the default theme in future versions.  Despite how cool it is, the reason I don't think I can include it in this upcoming release it is just not as fast as the existing message display and speed is kind of important here.  There are also little bugs with the keyboard display and auto scrolling to the newest message at the bottom.  Hopefully it will be good enough to be in 1.03. 

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