Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More updates

I feel I probably owe it to everyone to update this blog with new features as I am adding them considering how long it has been since both a release and new posts here.

I've been trying to get new style SSL working correctly. This would be SSL on port 5222 that many people have requested. I am about 95% there, I know how it works and have written code to initialize it, unfortunately, I also realized that the built in apple objects I am using are probably not compatible with the kind of communication it is doing.  It seems I cant create a secure stream after already talking in the clear on the same BSD socket and port 5222 requires clear text communication before starting SSL.  I'll  have to try a new approach.

A couple of more things have been added to the change log:

11. option to play a sound when a message arrives (iphone only)
12. the program does not freeze when loading many buddy icons  the first time
13. Edit button added for buddy list to remove buddies
14. Edit button added to chat history to remove history

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