Friday, January 22, 2010

Say hello to Monal

1.02 is now feature complete. I will not be adding anything new to it before release.  The only thing left is to  optimize the code and check for bugs.  A release should come soon. 

I am changing  the name of the program  to Monal  starting with this release. SworIM was just randomly chosen one afternoon when I originally wrote the program.  The name comes from swor (pronounced  like swore) which is the  Nepalese word for voice. I think Monal keeps the same theme  and is unique but should be much easier to say. SworIM is pretty much a translation of Talk (as in Google Talk) with IM tacked on the end and not very creative.  It worked out well because it was unique,  It   also got  mispronounced to sound like soar.   This led to the bird icon, which amusingly  as a pheasant  is not an animal likely to soar  any time soon. Why the bird theme? I want Monal to eventually  be like these guys and these . With better general XMPP support it's not really just  a google talk program anymore.

SworIM has been around for just under a year and the name will probably  live on underneath  in the library that it uses and in the name of this blog.  I'll be gradually changing  the name over everywhere. Hopefully I wont regret it when I lose some traffic as it transitions. 

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