Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1.04 getting pushed out

I am about to push out 1.04 here is the final changelog

1.04 changelog

1. added support for SSL on port 5222 (New style) (XMPP)
2. added support for digest md5 authentication mechanism (XMPP)
3. added support facebook chat (XMPP)
4. added basic support for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
5. uses the contact's full name from vCard if available instead of username (XMPP)
6. opening a conversation shows the last 20 messages not 30. speeds up loading
7. added network activity indicator on top bar
8. fixed bug where some offline messages were being ignored
9. fixed several crashing bugs
10. fixed random disconnect/reconnect  issue
11. modified message theme to have less image loading and better space use
12. tested with jabberd2 servers

There is  a new screen shot to go along with this of course


  1. Do you or can you support self signed certificate SSL over port 6222? My company uses this and I think it is why I can't connect using your app. Can't find any XMPP app that will let me do this! I use Pidgin as my desktop XMPP client and it allows this configuration. Thanks!

  2. monal will work in theory, but ill have to see how to detect the kind of SSL used (or have an option to switch between the two). Basically normally on 5222 it connects and then starts SSL later on 5223 it starts ssl immediately. I look at the port number to see what kind of SSL to use.

  3. Thanks, let me know if I can provide any details that would help!

  4. I have an issue...

    Right now I need an iPhone application that can connect to a jabber server, has the ability to connect to chatrooms on it AND has TSL encryption.

    Can Monal do the last bit?

  5. Hail to the author!

    Let me say that SworIM is one of the best and promising messengers for Iphone.

    First, the main logo with bird's head is very stylish!
    Second, the layout is very intuitive and sleek.
    I loved it from the first sight after desperately looking for some IM for Iphone. Beejive is just horrible, others are quite retarded aswell.

    Hope you'll continue the development!

    One question: Do you plan to auto-assign nicks for UINs from the server? Right now its only numbers.

    Thanks for your time and all the best!

  6. hammada: yes it supports TLS

    mister C: thanks. Are you talking about facebook? This version should have the correct nicks from the server.

  7. Have you tested with Jabber open source messaging server? I get to the "logging in" screen and it just spins forever. The network activity indicator spins only briefly. Tried all permutations of SSL and port. This is over VPN. Nothing seems to work. Monal version 1.04, iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.3

  8. Hi

    We are looking for some one to develop a client in iPhone who also knows jabber.

    Would u be interested?



    My email address: pheludar@gmail.com

  9. jeff, do you mean openfire server?

  10. Can't get Monal to connect to iChat Server (OS X Server 10.5) which has an SSL cert and listens on port 5223. Monal spins & never connects. Server log shows this:

    Apr 15 22:03:24 somename jabberd/c2s[52532]: [13] [, port=52881] connect
    Apr 15 22:03:24 somename jabberd/c2s[52532]: [13] [, port=52881] disconnect

    This is connecting on the same LAN. Any ideas?


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