Friday, February 5, 2010

Monal 1.02 Approved

You can grab the newest version on the iTunes store now.

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  1. Thank you for new sworIM, Monal.
    It is working well on my ejabberd.
    I wish next version have a group chat feature at ejabberd with Adium, iChat, and Pidgin.

  2. great job there! appreciate the work.. is there any "official" way of reporting bugs?

  3. when i get the time i will set up a bugzilla tracker, but for now, just post them here . in this thread.

  4. All the graphics and UI updates look great but I was really hoping for SSL/TLS support on 5222 - eta?

  5. i just fixed ssl on 1.03 to support self signed. SSL on 5222 is my top priority. I understand how important it is.

  6. bugreport: v1.02 crashes when set visible after ~10 seconds (have myself in roster, that might be causing the problem. server - plaintext so far)

    feature request: priority settings

    thx alot ;)

  7. soulman, i can confirm 1.04 release will support SSL over 5222.

    MikyMaus, ill look into it. thanks.


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