Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monal 1.02/1.03 FAQ

Here is a quick list of things i think people should know when trouble shooting the next release. If there is anything else, post a comment and I will try to address it. 

What servers have you tested this with?

Monal 1.02 has been tested mostly  with google talk, openfire and ejabberd.
Openfire has been very heavily tested on multiple versions all the way up to 3.6.4.

ejabberd was tested on  jabbim.com .

What SSL settings work?

At the moment only old style SSL works. This means if you are going to use SSL it probably should be on port 5223.  If you connect on 5222 with SSL  it will not work.

What server settings work?

The server must support SASL Plain authentication. This is the standard and should not be a problem for most people.  Connections to port 5222 should not have SSL enabled.  To use SSL you need to use port 5223. Not all servers support SSL on port 5223 if your server does not, you can either use 5222 without SSL if you are ok with that.

What if the certificate on the server does not match the server address?
Monal does not check to make sure that the certificate name and the server name are the same. SSL connections to these servers  should work fine.

What if I have a self signed certificate?
Edit: the answer below applies for 1.02 only. 1.03 supports self signed certificates. 

Monal does not support servers with self signed certificates right now.  You  cannot use SSL to connect to a  a server with self signed certificates.

Why does the program slow down when I open it the first time/ connect to a server the first time.

Monal tries to download all the buddy icons after loading the list of people online. This takes up resources and might slow things down  depending on how many buddies you have, how fast your connection is  and how big your icons are.

Why does the chat  screen flash when I load a new conversation.

Monal basically uses a web view (safari) to show the chat window in all its glory. The flash is safari loading the page. This only happens when you first start a chat

How do I delete chat history?

Go to the chat logs and swipe to delete all history with that user or click "Edit" on the upper right to select items and delete them.   If you want to delete all logs, delete the log that is an entry for your own user. This will delete every message you have received or sent.

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